Karen Resseguie

Dr. Resseguie is a high honors graduate from Marysville University with a Doctor of Nursing Practice to include a complimentary degree in Family Practical Care whom is Board Certified. In addition, she carries high honor status as an MBA in Accounting which has helped her with an evolving career in both medicine and business to include her long-standing medical and consulting company titled KARE-n For You.

Dr. Resseguie specialty is providing care for family related issues to include: Psychiatry treatment involving scripting medication management, healthy diets and alternative holistic approaches to manage one’s care, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement for those in menopause that includes both men and women, and the common issues associated with medical concerns.

Dr. Resseguie carries two United States Registered Trade- Marks: the first being RAPP-er® an attachable warm assistive device for seniors and those with medical needs and the second being It’s Me & Menopause® to support her clinic to help those with menopause symptomatology.

Dr. Resseguie is excited and proud to announce her upcoming book on her menopause research that provides insight for those suffering through menopause’s common symptoms, average age and the reason behind menopause. Her book helps one understand that by giving back a small percentage of sex hormones through the use of an alternative approach to synthetic hormones is by a plant- based derivative which is Bio-identical Hormones.

Dr. Resseguie believes that Psychiatry to include mind, body, spirit and soul goes hand in hand with Menopause which is why the combination in her practice helps one find the utmost to reviving one’s living.

Dr. Resseguie prides on promoting strength, guidance, and peace to her patients through listening and providing her own inspirational thoughts to include:

Seek when you Wonder

Belief when you Wonder

Ponder when you Wonder

Intrigued when you Wonder

Relief from your Wonder

~~~~ Dr. Karen Resseguie 2020

Dr. Resseguie is excited to offer tele-health and an upcoming in person brick- and- mortar in Milford, Michigan.  Call today to set up an appointment to start feeling and experiencing the beauty of life again…..517- 882-3732  ext. 111 ask for Dr. Karen Resseguie.

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